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Common Android issues

53 basic Android telephone issues | technicalword

53 basic Android telephone issues

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 “53 basic Android telephone issues.” 

Not as easy as it sounds. If you take a good look at the existing platform, you’ll find out that there are many bugs on this smartphone platform.


The number of Android bugs seems to be steadily increasing. It is why many Android users end up spending more time and energy than they should in their attempts to fix these pesky errors. However, with a little amount of patience, we can get these annoying problems solved.


There’s a lot of information about Google’s smartphone platform on the internet. But a lot of it is not relevant to what you need to know when it comes to fixing these bugs. Most people are confused or end up getting frustrated while trying to find out how to solve problems on their smartphones.


When it comes to fixing your smartphone’s errors, you will need to do more than use a search engine to find information about Android. It doesn’t mean that you should spend more time searching for tutorials and articles online. Instead, try looking into a reliable forum on the topic. You may be able to find a bunch of users who share their experiences and opinions about their own experiences with different errors on their devices.


Another way of getting answers to your questions about Android is to search on forums and discussion forums. These forums are beneficial for new users, which means that you can expect to find solutions to all your Android issues in the shortest possible time. Plus, you can be sure that other users can provide you with tips and tricks that might help you find the answer to your problems faster. So if you’re tired of asking yourself the same question over again, consider searching for a forum or discussion forum that discusses your issues and offers suggestions and solutions.


Aside from forums, you can also take advantage of websites dedicated to Android users. On these sites, you’ll probably be able to find a wide variety of questions and answers related to this smartphone platform. Plus, you might be able to find valuable tutorials and articles about Android problems and solutions on some of these sites.


As mentioned earlier, most users spend more time trying to fix the errors on their smartphones. The truth is, they end up wasting their time and effort just because they don’t have the right information and tools at their disposal. If you want to fix your problems, you will have to spend more time focusing on your situation, but the only way to do that is by spending more time.


When dealing with Android errors, the answer to the “53 Basic Android Problems” question is that you have to be patient. And that’s the key to success. Don’t ever expect a single solution to come to you in the form of an instant. It might take a little bit of time and effort, but it’s worth it.


With the “53 Basic Android Problems” question, you can easily use these free tutorials that you can download online. These tutorials will teach you a lot about Android errors, so don’t forget to look them up. But don’t worry. There are tutorials available for almost every mistake in your device, so you shouldn’t have to worry about finding the right tutorial. for the specific error on your smartphone.


The internet has filled with many forums and discussion forums dedicated to Android users, so don’t miss out on checking them out. If you are not sure what a particular problem you’re facing is all about, then you can click on the link provided at the resource box and get help from other users who are already experiencing the same problems as yours. 


There are many forums where you can ask questions and get quick answers about various topics related to your device and difficulties.


Hopefully, you now understand that there is no magic tool to solve all your problems with the Android smartphone. In being, you still need to work hard for it. but even some tips are given below

53 basic Android telephone issues


How would I stop my Android telephone from utilizing information when abroad?

One alternative is an outsider application called Android, from the Android Market, which gives you a chance to kill all information associations using a gadget on the home screen. It makes changing these settings considerably faster than utilizing the standard Android settings screen and will probably go about as an update for your next movement abroad.

 My Android telephone has solidified.

A soft reset will generally do the trap, yet there are diverse strategies for various telephones. Quick Reboot is an application that will carry out the activity for you by reenacting the delicate reset process and shutting running procedures with one tap.



Why can I not download every Android app from the Android Market?

Some apps are designed for specific screen resolutions and thus are not available on all phones. The high-end Android phones tend to support more apps, but landscape screened phones sometimes have problems with particular games and apps. There are other reasons why some apps will not be available, such as compatibility only with specific manufacturer’s devices. Still, the vast majority of apps should be available for all phones, so you need not worry too much.


My Android telephone Wi-Fi does not stay connected?

Go to Wireless & Networks / Wi-Fi Settings and press the menu key. Choose ‘Advanced’ and change the sleep policy to ‘Never.’ This seems to solve most people who have issues keeping a Wi-Fi connection alive.



Why do I continue coming up short on memory?

There are numerous explanations for this issue, yet the store can regularly get too full to permit applications’ productive running. Applications like Cache Cleaner, from the Android Market, let you clean the store for particular applications to free up memory. You will likewise need to either uninstall or move applications to a development card to free up more physical memory.


I am utilizing excessively information. How might I screen it?

My Data Manager is an excellent answer for the screen precisely how much information you have been utilizing. It offers alarms when you achieve a predetermined level and will guarantee that you never go over your month to month information remittance again.


The console is extremely hard to utilize!

The default Android console isn’t anything but difficult to utilize; however, there are valuable choices accessible. The slide is only one case that gives you a chance to type while never expelling your finger from the screen; basically, slide your finger amongst letters and watch the enchantment happen.


My SD card is never again perceived?

Development cards can get adulterated, and the best arrangement is to attempt to reformat them utilizing a work area or workstation PC. Using the standard record pilgrim, you ought to have the capacity to right-click and pick the arrangement alternative to breathe life into it back. It tends to work more frequently than attempting to design on Smartphone.


My screen is hard to see in brilliant daylight.

The best choice is to search for a ‘hostile to glare’ screen defender. They tend to be more grounded than standard defenders, yet vitally likewise lessen glare measures on the screen when lighting conditions are extraordinary. Tragically there is no real answer for telephones that incorporate screens not virtually distinguishable in splendid daylight.


Some amusements play gradually on my telephone?

A portion of the spending telephones incorporate slower processors, and the illustrations speed has lessened along these lines. The best arrangement is to test a phone before you get it since some spending telephones has improved vastly than others, and it can be hard to tell just from the particulars alone.


How would I evacuate applications?

Go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications, and after that, select the application you wish to uninstall. Presently tap the Uninstall symbol.


My screen has broken! Would it be advisable for me to purchase another telephone?

The more significant part of the well-known telephones has parts accessible from different online providers to introduce yourself. The procedure for supplanting a screen is a long way from simple to do your exploration before you purchase.


Entering my secret word takes until the end of time!

In Settings/Security/Set up screen bolt, you can enter an example instead of a secret word that isn’t just snappier, yet substantially more secure.


Isn’t my area generally exact in maps?

Go to Settings/Location and ensure that the ‘Utilization of GPS satellites’ choice has ticked. It will guarantee considerably more noteworthy exactness while exploring.


The blazing LED is exceptionally irritating!


It is anything but difficult to stop the LED warning on most Android telephones. Go to Settings/Display/Notification blaze and evacuate the majority of the ticks.

How would I wipe my Android cell phone?

An ideal route is to utilize the Factory Data reestablish alternative in Settings/SD and telephone stockpiling. To be sure that everything has expelled, experience the procedure twice.

Why would I be able to not utilize the google play store on my tablet?

A few tablets accompany their chop down application showcase or even none by any means. It might be that the Android variant introduced is excessively old, or the equipment is to ease back to adapt to numerous applications. Continuously do your examination before you purchase.

Some of my Kindle books look confused on my Android tablet or android telephone?

It can happen if you are utilizing a custom ROM on your Android telephone or tablet. However, the ROM supplier may answer. If not, you should return to the standard ROM to appropriately peruse your books.

I dropped my telephone in the water!!!


This arrangement won’t help on the off chance that it has just happened; however, if it does, later on, take the battery out as fast as could reasonably be expected and dry the most significant number of parts of the telephone as you can. Abandon it for 72 hours in a dry room and attempt it once more. It might only work.

Can I make the content on my Android cell phone more extraordinary?


Indeed. In applications like the program, you can go to the settings and utilize the ‘Set content size’ choice to expand the showed content’s measure. There are some brilliant open alternatives accessible in the Android Market also, which will help.

Can I refresh my applications consequently?


In the Market application, go to ‘My Apps’ using the menu and select an application. You will see an alternative mostly down the screen, enabling it to auto-refresh. Just utilize this for applications you trust.

Where did my paid applications go?


On the off chance that you change your telephone and some applications don’t show up in your google play store account to ensure they are right. On the off chance that they do not appear after a framework refresh, the Market might see your telephone as not fixing to your record. It would be an ideal opportunity to contact Market bolster.

How would I set the base age for applications?


Got the Market application and pressed the menu key. Pick ‘Settings’ and after that’ Content sifting’. You would now be able to pick which applications have permitted on your telephone.

Isn’t my touchscreen precise any longer?


Not very many Android phones enable you to align the screen, which implies that issues are hitting the correct spot on your screen; you should attempt a light reset, a hard reset, and afterward a help call (in a specific order) to settle it.

I need to conceal my inquiry history.

Go to www.google.com/history in your Android program and log in. You would now be able to evacuate your inquiries and not spare future quests from this page.

How would I take screen captures?


Some Samsung phones let you press the back key and the home catch twice to take screen captures, yet for all other Android phones, you should download and introduce the Android create a pack. It is a messy procedure to get screen captures.

How would I download music straightforwardly to my telephone or tablet?


Amazon MP3, from the Android Market, is a decent choice and gives you a chance to buy and introduce MP3 documents straightforwardly to your telephone without the need for a PC.

I can’t update my Android telephone to another discharge!


Unfortunately, not all android telephone makers enable updates to the most recent Android discharge on their phones; however, custom ROMs regularly let clients refresh the freshest highlights. A hunt on the web will demonstrate what’s accessible; however, you should be sure of your insight when introducing these ROMs.

My bearer won’t let me tie my Smartphone.

It is valid for most transporters, yet some arrangements can help. On the off chance that you complete a clear scan in the Android Market for ‘tie,’ you will be offered an assortment of applications that permit tying, and numerous likewise veil the reality you are trying, so your transporter ought to never know. We don’t encourage covered tying and can’t ensure its prosperity, yet it might work for a few.


 Won’t some apps place on my SD card?

 You should still be able to move apps to an SD card using the Manage Application feature in Settings / Applications. We have seen apps fail to install on an expansion card despite being moved afterward, so a little manual intervention may be required to do this for future installations.

How can I change the language on my phone?

 Go to Settings / Language & keyboard and choose the language you require. Some apps are work correctly if US English is selected, but they are fortunately few and far between.

Can I remove apps that were pre-installed on my phone?

 You can, but the process requires rooting the device and then downloading an app called Root Uninstaller. The amount of memory you will save is probably not worth the effort, though, because you run the danger of making your phone very unstable.

Can I speed up my Android telephone?

Apps like Set CPU will let you speed up your phone by overclocking the processor. It will also allow you to slow down the processor to save memory, but be careful when doing this. Most processors have designed to run at a set maximum speed for a reason, and you run the risk of frying it if you push it too hard.

What’s the best way to back up my phone?

 You can back up an Android phone using many different solutions, but Titanium Backup PRO is considered one of the best solutions available. Besides offering the ability to backup every part of your phone, you can also export the backups by email or sync them to Dropbox.

How can I stop viruses from attacking my phone?

Mobile security is becoming a more significant issue as smartphones become more popular and so installing an app to help keep you protected is an excellent idea. Kaspersky Mobile Security is just one example that claims to offer real-time protection against a host of threats.

The volume on my phone is too quiet.


Some Android phones suffer from low volume, but help is at hand from AudioBoost, available from the Android Market. It can increase your phone work by up to 30% 

Can I change the look of my android telephone without changing the ROM?


You can do it. Apps like Launcher Pro offer a completely different look to the standard Android interface and include many features such as 3D effects and a scrollable shortcut dock. It is safer than changing the ROM completely.

Does the Live Wallpaper seem to use too much battery life?


In tests, the battery drain is low with Live Wallpapers, but it is still a problem for power users who run out of battery power every day. The simple answer is to use a static wallpaper. If you can install any antivirus on your phone with the license key, that will be better.

Does my clock continue to lose time?

 It can happen if your clock s set to refresh the time from your system consequently. On the off chance that the system clock is moderate, so will your telephone be. Go to Settings/Date and time and untick the ‘Programmed’ box at best. Your watch should now run flawlessly on time, with just manual alterations required every so often.

Can I square undesirable guests?

 Most system suppliers don’t offer this office, but since Android is a change in such a significant number of routes, there are still choices open to you. Extraordinary Call Blocker Droid takes a shot at numerous Android telephone models, and squares approaching brings in relatively every way possible. It isn’t the least expensive Android application accessible, yet works to a great degree well and can spare you a considerable measure of migraines later on.

My telephone is moderate now and again. Are there any apparatuses to help?


The initial step is to expel any superfluous applications and o guarantee that your telephone isn’t loaded with information you needn’t bother then. An application like System Tuner Pro can likewise help via naturally tuning numerous parts of your telephone to guarantee the ideal execution.

Why wouldn’t I use the SD card when my telephone has appended to the PC?


As a matter, of course, this isn’t conceivable, yet if you have established your telephone, you can use an application like Multi Mount SD-Card, which gives you a chance to get to an extension card from both a PC and phone in the meantime. It works exceptionally well, and this is regardless of our normal worry about getting to a card from two places without a moment’s delay, which could, in principle, prompt debased records.

My Android telephone has stolen. Would I be able to track it?


You will battle to get it back on the off chance that your telephone has just stolen. As it may, this is an instance of aversion instead of fix, and we would prompt introducing an outsider application to help track your telephone. PhoneLocator Pro is a decent illustration and incorporates the capacity to track a phone utilizing GPS remotely and, besides, giving you a chance to wipe or bolt the telephone. Everybody should use an answer this way.

Why wouldn’t I be able to use iTunes with my Android gadget?


You won’t have the capacity to use DRM ensured media on your Android gadget; however, you can still use iTunes on account of double Twist AirSync. It gives you a chance to synchronize your media among iTunes and an Android telephone or tablet and does as such without a physical association. It is excellent, if worse than the Apple iOS adjusting arrangement.



How would I close an application that continues solidifying my telephone?


The arrangement is, lamentably, more mind-boggling than it ought to be. Go to Settings/Applications and pick ‘Oversee applications’. Presently select the application that is getting out of hand from the rundown and tap ‘Power stop’. On the off chance that the application keeps getting into mischief, you should have a go at uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Can I close running applications rapidly?


The default errand administrator in Android is a decent arrangement, yet it could be substantially speedier. Propelled Task Manager is the most prevalent device to manage running applications and gives you a chance to deal with most of your running applications with a few taps. Sooner or later, the procedure turns out to be natural to the point that you will overlook you are notwithstanding utilizing it.

Won’t my Android telephone associate with my PC utilizing USB?


Most Android telephones will associate without an issue to a PC; however, they will keep running into inconvenience once in a while. The primary spot to look at is the producer’s site to locate the expected drivers to associate it. They are not generally accessible; thus, you may need to send in a help demand to get them.

Why does auto-remedy not know every one of the words I have to utilize?


It is highly unlikely that an auto-remedy framework can know most of the words you have to utilize. However, you can include new ones rapidly and effectively. Type of name and search for the ‘+’ sign underneath the content field. Tap it, and the word will be added to your lexicon for sometime later. The more terms you include, the more precise your composing will move toward becoming.

The open slide component is hugely irritating!


You can maintain a strategic distance from the slide open by tapping the menu catch twice. Not all telephones bolster this since a few makers include their skins. However, the more significant part ought to permit this necessary and speedy workaround.

Switching between consoles takes until the end of time!


If you have more than one console introduced, it can seem, by all accounts, to be bulky to switch between them, yet it requires not to be so. Just press and hold the ‘123’ catch on the console, and you will offer a choice to change. It only takes a second.

Why does my screen kill while charging?


It doesn’t need to, and the arrangement is fundamental. Go to Settings/Applications/Development and tick the ‘Remain conscious’ choice to keep the screen on while charging.

Can I reinstall a paid application?


You can. If an application is getting into mischief, the final resort is to uninstall it and reinstall it, which frequently settles the issue. Go to the Android Market and tap on the ‘My Market Account’ connect. You will see a request tab that ought to incorporate a rundown of the applications you have obtained. Pick an application and afterward tap ‘Introduce’ to finish the procedure. The Market ought not to charge you for the reinstall in your android telephone.

How would I know whether I have the most recent variant of Android on my telephone?

Go to Settings/About telephone and pick ‘Framework programming refreshes’. Here you will see a ‘Check now’ symbol to check whether there is a more up-to-date Android accessible for your telephone.



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