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6 best plugins to increase speed of wordpress sites | technicalword

plugins are important for WordPress sites. WordPress is the most popular and easy to use  CMS. Everyone who does not know the coding can use WordPress to build his/her own website without any coding skill. According to Google, there is a lot of factors that determine to rank. Speed of site is one of the most important factors that you can consider. Without it, you can not rank in google search results. So that is why I am going to tell you the 6 best plugins to increase the speed of WordPress sites. You can also visit WordPress official site to know about in-depth details of these plugins. So of wasting any time let’s start…

6 best plugins to increase speed of wordpress sites | technicalword
6 best plugins to increase the speed of WordPress sites | technical word

1 w3 total cache to clean cache memory

If you have installed fresh WordPress in your hosting then first of all you need to add this plugin to use.

go to plugins>>add new>>sreach plugin>>type w3 total cache>>install>>activate.. as show in below image


If you use this plugin then nobody can stop reaching the top position of google first page. Millions of developers are using this plugin to increase the speed of clients websites. This plugin is using leveraging CDN integration technology which will get data from the nearest server in the same county. According to the research, 40 % of websites are built on WordPress worldwide. So it is important to optimize the website from an SEO point of view.

Our Next plugin is WP super minify which minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS files to fast loading.

2 WP Super Minify Plugin

PluginsThis plugin will compress and combine your HTML, JavaScript and CSS files so that they will be executed fast and take less time to show results on the websites. Installation of this plugin is very easy you can go to your WordPress site Dashboard and plugins>>add New>>Search WP Super Minify plugin>>install>>activate.

3 WP Smush for optimizing images

PluginsWP Smash plugin is playing a very important role to increase the speed of your WordPress website. It will compress the size and covert into an acceptable format which has given by google. If you have a lot of images then it will optimize 50 images at the same time. After installation of this plugin, you need to check whether the plugin is working or not. you will follow a step go view your site source code or press Ctrl + U from your keyboard and get a message at the bottom — Total size saved: 12.341% | Size before compression: 37104 bytes | Size after compression: 24130 bytes. —

4 WP Rocket

if you have a lot of images on your web page then you should be us this plugin because it shows those images first which the user trying to load when the user goes down images load accordingly. WP Rocket plugins use by many developers who manage

5 WP Optimizer

Wp optimizer is another plugin of WordPress which optimize data base of WordPress from which you can get faster speed to any browser

  1. it will increase the response time of service in which you have hosted your website
  2. It reduce redirection of service
  3. It uses CDN from which you can get a copy of information from near service for example if you an in Canada then you get site info from Canada service or if you are in other location then you get a info from that location.

6 Perfmatters

Perfmatters is a WordPress plugin which disable script which is not used by website. Some of script which is make slow the speed of you website.

I hope you will learn some about the plugins of WordPress if you have any question or suggestion please comment below i will defiantly start working on that.



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