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Adobe Air Runtime allows designers to add code similar to native apps and games for Windows and Mac OS workspaces such as iOS and Android gadgets, and versions of apps come into billions of work area frameworks for over 500 million gadgets.
Adobe AIR
Adobe Air is a cross-working framework runtime created by Adobe Air that allows engineers to use their current web improvement aptitudes (Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax) and build-to-work Internet applications (and rich application applications).
Companies like eBay and AOL use the app to increase new applications that allow you to use their administrations in your workplace. Therefore, Adobe AIR refers to simpler, more recognizable and useful applications.
Shelter on the Web: This guarantees secure companies by asking for advanced marks on every All India Radio app, which separates the application and its manufacturer before you submit.
Highlights and highlights


Congratulations on the amazing and explosive 2D and 3D games for Area, iOS and Android. Fully fast GPU rendering and game controller support can be used for gaming at home or in a hurry.


Experience tools speed up HD video with smooth playback. Current improvements allow Bolstard AIR applications and games to provide responsive reviews despite high requests. Download AdobeAIR Offline Installer Setup today!


Engineers can now give full access to the latest stage clear highlights for their work area, applications using iOS and Android AIR games and All India Radio native extensions.
Also available: Download Adobe Air Download for Mac
you can also download adobeair for android devices and enjoy in your own mobile phones. if you can update adobeAIR regularly then you can enjoy it feature without any pause.
Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR

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