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free download google chrome for pc 1 full version

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free download google chrome for pc 1 full version

step 1 you must be download a fill .exe from the internet by using your existing browser

download chrome fileas you see in the picture that you have to type in Bing search type Download Chrome

But keep in mind that you are downloading from the link, it does not have a virus.

And keep in mind that your Windows is 32 bit or 64 bit, if you do not know, then follow the steps given below for it.

step 2 find windows configuration

click on start menu>>go to control panel>>find system>>click on it>>get information of all your system. For more details please check the below image

system configration here you can see that the red highlighted area is a bit information of about windows and you can download a file that is suitable for your system.

There are two ways to download chrome, first from such file and second type full download chrome in the search bar. And download chrome full version which allows you to direct install without download.

step 3 install google chrome in the system

After downloading the file. You can check this file in and double click on exe file which you have downloaded.

free download google chrome for pc full version
download free chrome browser

video Source ProgrammingKnowledge2

The download full version of google chrome does have these features but you have to purchase them separately, though it is worth noting that the free versions can be used to watch videos and play games as well as to view the Google search engine. These features come with a subscription fee and so the free version might be more suitable for many people.

One other drawback of the free version of the Google Chrome web browser is that many people report that it does not load up all the web pages that they open. When it does, it seems to slow down the computer’s performance and make browsing a problem.

must read:- how to download and install WinRAR in windows OS

This is especially the case if you are using Firefox. The free version will not have this problem and this means that it can sometimes be difficult to use the full version if you have a slower internet connection.


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