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jio DTH free lifetime only just Rs 10 can you believe this

jio DTH free lifetime only just Rs 10 can you believe this


Jio DTH Free Lifetime Only just recently launched in India is an incredible value proposition. It has been one of the most talked about services, but is it really that great? Will Jio DTH Free offer you the best value for your money when you compare it to any other television service provider?

So what is so special about Jio? Is it all hype or does it actually deliver? If you are like me and if you watch a lot of TV then the answer is YES. I have been a subscriber of Jio Free for about a year now, I do not want to mention how much we pay but I will tell you that for the cost you get more channels than our satellite dish company gets us! As far as features go Jio offers some pretty cool ones; you will find your favourite shows on Jio but they will be less regular and some of them won’t be available every day. The good thing about it is that some of the shows you would not normally watch on TV will also be broadcast live on your phone.

For example cricket, motoring news, weather, news about business and many others will be broadcasted on your phone. Some may be limited to certain hours but most certainly on most days. The only problem I have encountered with this new service is that Jio seems to be the only Indian TV service provider offering the phones that actually support this new service. Only a few phones support this service and only in some states.

I have found that by using a converter box that you can actually use your existing phone as your television and even your mobile TV with Jio. This is great because you can watch all your favourite shows on it even when you are travelling or when you don’t have access to a satellite dish at home. The one complaint I have heard about Jio is that they are not too cheap and that their service is not as fast as other services, that is not the case with the Free service. I have used the service myself for a few months now and have to say that it has been without a problem and I can now watch hundreds of channels on a regular basis without any problems whatsoever.

At this time there are only a few countries where Jio is not available yet and the only other countries where it will be available are the United Kingdom and South Africa. but they will both soon become available and soon I am sure you will be able to watch your favourite shows in Jio TV service too.

The best part of it is that when you sign up to their Mobile TV service you get unlimited usage for the entire lifetime of your contract. I do think that is a pretty good deal because after all the Free service is only limited to the duration of the trial period that is given to customers. If you were to compare the prices that Jio offer for their Mobile TV service with other network providers in India, it appears that it is a great deal and definitely the best deal of all the TV service providers. It is good value for money, the price they offer is much cheaper than any other service provider in India. jio and google will lunch 5g in india soon

The only reason why I have mentioned the free lifetime only just to try and push them to get more subscribers, is because it seems that if you go with the service plan then you will be signing up to get the Unlimited TV service but I doubt that this is something that the average person wants to do. So I would advise you to try out the service for yourself, you will be amazed at how great it is for all your watching needs.

In conclusion, this is a fantastic deal for the price you will pay, for the best quality service, if you have a PC or a Mobile TV then you can now watch all your favourite channels and get the most exciting show on the planet, without the worry of your budget running out. Enjoy your time with Jio Mobile TV and have a blast and you will not regret it.


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