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Google offers Android TV Spilling dongle

Google offers Android TV Spilling dongle   And Google offers the Google Nexus Player, which is an extremely popular set-top-box. However, it comes with one small problem that makes the whole process of enjoying your gaming experiences on the device a little bit difficult to use. This particular drawback has been the source of much debate between gaming enthusiasts. Many people are asking whether or not this particular gadget fulfils all of its promises and features. The Nexus Dongle is one of the many devices that Google has developed to bring users into the world of high-quality video streaming. If you are thinking about trying this new gaming system, the good news is that this particular device can make watching and playing high-definition videos a breeze Use of google dongle on the computer One thing that you will have to do to get started with this device is to download the appropriate software package for your computer. To do so, you will need to head over to Google's official