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factory reset your phone and smart phones

If you want to restore your phone or smartphone to its original  factory  settings, you should try to  reset your smartphone or phone . This article will help you with resetting your smartphone or phone for your better use. If you own a mobile phone or smartphone of any brand, you are most probably aware of the fact that it can store its data in the "RAM" in its memory. RAM is short for "Random Access Memory" and it is the most critical part of your mobile phone or smartphone. When your smartphone or mobile phone needs to store data, it uses up the memory space in your phone to do so. But once your data starts to run out of memory, it becomes increasingly difficult for it to save its data in your smartphone. In case it does not get the data saved in its memory, it can quickly lose all the data stored in it. To fix this problem, you have to reset your smartphone or phone to restore your old data and settings. There are several different ways to reset your smartphone