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Upcoming new electric cars in India in 2021

before starts talk on Upcoming electric cars in India in 2021. As you know that the price of petrol is increasing every day, you do not have this question in your mind, if the government will destroy the electric car, then from where will it get the tax and by doing so, from where will it earn. For this reason, it has become very important for the common man to take an electric car. While taking an electric car, keep in mind the key points. You should check how much the car runs once the battery is charged.

Renault Zoe electric cars will be launched at end of this year 2021

The car looks like this.

electric cars

Renault will try to launch this car in just Rs 8 lakh in India. we think it is reachable for every Indian city who already run diesel and petrol car in this ring. company will use the heavy motor to run smoothly. it runs 245 km once you fully charged the car.

maximum power of the vehicle is  hp DIN (kw ISO): 110(80)

Gearbox type  Automatic

Wheels are driven forward

Number of forwarding gears one

Fuel Type Electric


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Let’s talk about the next car which will be launched by the Tata group. I think you will be excited to listen about tata new lunch car because it is an Indian company which is given us a proud moment for all of us.

Tata Tiago EV

What is the expected launch date of the Tata Tiago EV? Tata Tiago EV will be launching in Jul 2021. but due to covid 19, it will delay up to December 2021.

electric cars

expected range 200 km

motor havey

transmission autometic

fog light front

price in India starts from 6 lakhs onward





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